Uglewen/Owlwen - Furry Artist - Animator
Lion/Snep - He/Him

Eidride and Cal

Engaged to Eidride since 06-09-2019

Owen's Art Commissions

Commission Process and Information

- I will announce my commission openings on Twitter and Furaffinity, and provide a link to a request form. After the form is filled out I will contact you for confirmation of your piece. I will leave the form open until all slots are filled, and then it will be closed until I open a new queue.
- Payment will be required upfront! If you are not yet able to pay and have been trying to commission me, you may inquire about reserving a spot for my next opening!
- Payment is in USD via Paypal Invoice. I will invoice you once I have contacted you and confirmed your slot!
- By standard, I will send an approval sketch for the initial draft and for the coloring. Full Illustrations will start with 2 to 4 thumbnails for you to choose from before I begin the main sketch. If you would like adjustments, request them in the appropriate stage or there may be extra fees. Additional WIPs may be provided upon your request.
- Client will receive 4 final files; two full resolution PNG files, one with and one without a watermark, one minimized resolution with a watermark for online sharing, and a GIF showcasing the process of the work.
- I will try to work on a first come first serve basis. However, work order may sometimes vary.
- ! Please note that due dates listed on my Trello are approximates based on my personal goal, and not a guarantee!
- By asking for a commission from me, you are agreeing to my terms of service!

Commission Prices

Prices are subject to change over time

Painted Headshots

[not available]

Headshot Example

Headshot Example

Portrait Commissions

[not available]

Portrait Example: Basic

Portrait Example: Complex

Full Illustrations

[not available]

Full Illustration Example: Basic + Extra Character

Terms of Service

My T.O.S is subject to change without notice. Always check it before requesting a commission.

- I have the right to reject a commission for any reason I find necessary.Client use:
- Personal use only. You may repost or share the watermarked version on your personal platforms as long as you credit me the artist.
- Any kind personal icons, header, banner, wallpaper, etc!
- You may have the work printed as a poster, sticker or other object for your own enjoyment, but never reproduced or sold for profit.
- You may not use the artwork for any commercial purposes.
Artist use:
- I reserve the right to share commissions and related WIPs and progress on any of my platforms, for any purpose, including those for promotions, my portfolio, and other commercial uses.
- I also reserve the right to reproduce the piece for profit in the form of digital and tangible goods. (Examples of likely use: including the piece in an art book, promo, business card, calendar, etc.) Client will be notified beforehand if their piece is selected for such use and may negotiate the use.
- I reserve the right to recycle any rejected and unused WIPs and sketches for any purpose including personal use, resale as YCH, and use in creation of other commissions.
- If the artist cancels your commission for personal reasons at any stage, you are entitled to a full refund (ex: too overwhelmed with work or personal life).
- The client may cancel the commission for a full refund if the commission has not been worked on, or started at all for six months.
- Refunds will not be issued at any stage if the artist cancels due to inappropriate behavior from the client (ex: harassment, unwanted advances, stalking, threats, etc.)


Places to Contact Me

I am not usually very chatty with people I don't know, so please keep it to business or concerns only, thank you.

I usually try to keep up with all my messages, but in case it gets difficult to contact me, you can message me here instead.Me or one of my art partners will message you back.

Art Partners